Pay monthly with VitusPay™, powered by Splitit
Control your cash flow
— and your pet’s health.

No applications, credit checks or complicated terms – just monthly payments using your existing Mastercard® or Visa® credit card. Most practices require a minimum $199 purchase to use Splitit.

Budget-Friendly Monthly Payments

Choose Monthly

VitusPay, powered by Splitit does not require any credit check or application; it uses your existing credit card.

Select Number
of Payments

Choose the number of payments that best fits your budget.


You’ll receive emails from Splitit to monitor the payments each month.

Example Payment Schedule

Order total: $300.00

Pay Today


(Additional $200 held on card for 5 days)

2nd Payment


3rd Payment


  • At the time of purchase, a charge for the first monthly payment will be processed by Splitit. The remaining balance will be held on your card for 5 days (the held amount might appear as “pending”).
  • To be eligible, you must have your own VISA® or Mastercard® credit card and have the full amount of your purchase available on your card.
  • Paying with VitusPay, powered by Splitit offers better management of your budget by reserving the amount from your existing credit line and allowing you to use your cash flow for other purchases.
  • VitusPay monthly payment plans are currently available in the US at participating veterinary practices.
  • All payments are in USD.