What is VitusPay™?

VitusPay is powered by SplitIt to enable pet owners to pay for veterinary care with an existing credit card by splitting the cost into monthly payments.

Where can I use VitusPay™?

VitusPay monthly payment plans are available at participating practices based in the US. All payments are in USD.

Who is Splitit?

Splitit is a global payment solution provider enabling consumers to pay for purchases with an existing credit card by splitting the cost into monthly payments.

Does Splitit or VitusPay charge me anything for this feature?


Which cards are supported by Splitit?

Mastercard® and Visa® credit cards are currently supported. Debit cards are not currently supported.

Is there a minimum purchase amount required to use Splitit?

Yes, most practices require a minimum $199 purchase to use the Splitit monthly payment option.

Is VitusPay, powered by Splitit a loan?

No. Splitit uses your existing card but causes the payment amount to be processed over the requested period.

What happens if I cancel my credit card or it expires before all payments are processed?

If your card is closed before your payments are processed, Splitit will notify you if you need to make additional payment arrangements.

How do I track the monthly payments on my card statement?

Payments will appear on your credit card statement with a “VitusPay” reference and the name of your veterinary provider every 30 days for the amount preselected at checkout. You will also see the authorization/hold for the outstanding amount being reduced by each payment, each month.

How do I receive a report of my payments?

Upon checkout with VitusPay you can set up an account with Splitit to implement your payments. In addition, Splitit will email you after each successful payment.

Can I pay remaining payments early?

Of course! Splitit will email your log-in after your first payment. If you choose to pay remaining payments at any time you can log into your Splitit account and request that Splitit cause any remaining payments to be processed earlier.

What if I’m unhappy with the purchase from my veterinary provider?

If you have a problem with your purchase after Splitit has paid the amount of your purchase to your veterinary provider, you should contact your veterinary provider to work out the dispute.